Specifying Adequate Models of Cognizers


Edward Pogossian




Assuming that computer-depended solvers of combinatorial games can be developed to approach the adequate models of human cognizing, what follows is an attempt to argue similar statements, in general, for negentropics, exempted from cellular and computer dependencies. For a type of negentropics, octaves, capable to enhancing the power of cognizing, but so far limited in that, we argue that they can adequately model cognitive development of newborns by Piaget. We also argue that these generalized cognizers are sufficient to reveal the earliest negentropics – energizers, then, octaves, which, in turn, are assumingly constellations of basic 1/2 place classifiers. And since physicists and biochemistries assume that information can originate in Nature, thus, inseparable from it classification, while the chains linking octaves to the highest cognizers have already been tracked, it might be possible that the chains between the originated classifiers and octaves also are not excluded in Nature.


Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of NAS RA