Dynasty of Musicologists: G. G. Tigranov, I. G. Tigranova, R. A. Terteryan ; Династия музыковедов: Г. Г. Тигранов, И. Г. Тигранова, Р. А. Тертерян


Narine Zaven Avetisyan ; Нарине Завеновна Аветисян


Article ; Статья

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Georgiy Tigranov ; Irina Tigranova-Terteryan ; Avet Terteryan ; Symphony ; Innovator ; Yerevan ; Leningrad ; conservatory ; Aram Khachaturian ; Георгий Тигранов ; Ирина Тигранова-Тертерян ; Авет Тертерян ; симфония ; Ереван ; новатор ; Ленинград ; консерватория ; Арам Хачатурян


YSC marked its 100th anniversary. Its century-long history holds thousands of lives, brilliant performances, numerous victories, academic discoveries and major premieres on the world's best stages. In the 1930s, during the period of the artistic rise of the Armenian music culture, the Tigranov (Tigranyants) family settled in Armenia, thus forever bonding themselves with the Yerevan Conservatory. In 1939, the first representative of the dynasty, Georgy Grigorievich Tigranov, a brilliant speaker, teacher and musicologist, returned to his historic homeland from Leningrad, at the invitation of K. S. Saradzhev. Since the 1940s, and for the rest of his life the outstanding musicologist has been working in the conservatories of Leningrad and Yerevan, living between the two cities. Studying his works, one becomes aware of the depth and versatility of his interests as a musicologist. The family tradition in musicology was continued by Georgy Tigranov's daughter, Irina Tigranova. She was a musicologist, a teacher who could influence, inspire, and encourage. She loved to be on stage. Her professional appearances during concerts were concise, informative, and engaging. The traditions of musicology of the old family (Ani, Alexandropol and Leningrad) were continued in the works of the successor, Ruben Terteryan. The books he has written about his father, the famous composer Avet Terteryan, reveal new aspects of the composer's work. The Tigranovs are always loved and remembered. Numerous fascinating stories, both amusing and not so amusing, are associated with them. The family' professional traditions have been handed down from generation to generation.


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Musical Armenia ; Музыкальная Армения







Komitas State Conservatory of Yerevan ; Ереванская государственная консерватория им. Комитаса


Armenia ; Армения