Title: Whole-genome-based phylogeny of African swine fever virus

Co-author(s) :

Aslanyan Levon ; Karalyan Zaven


Aim: A genome-scale phylogenetic analysis was used to infer the evolutionary dynamics of Asfarviridae – African swine fever virus (ASFV) – and better define its genetic diversity. Materials and Methods: All complete ASFV genomes from NCBI’s resource as of March 2020 were used. The phylogenetic analysis used maximum likelihood and neighbor-joining methods. The evolutionary models detection was done with the help of the package of programs MEGA-X. Algorithms were used to build phylogenetic trees for type B DNA polymerases of ASFV (n=34) and HcDNAV (n=2), as an external group. Results: An expedient categorization of the Asfarviridae family uses five clades. Genotype 1 (except for LIV 5/40 virus isolate) as well genotype 7 are assigned to the alpha clade; genotype 2 to the beta clade; genotypes 8, 9, and 10 to the gamma clade; genotype 5 to the delta clade; and genotypes 3, 4, and 20, as well as genotype 22 and the LIV 5/40 isolate to the epsilon clade. Branch lengths on the phylogenetic tree are proportional to genetic distance along the branch. Branches at the phylogenetic tree of Asfarviridae are much shorter than branches for Baculoviridae. Shorter branches in ASFVs population suggest that Asfarviridae evolved relatively recently and remain more closely related. Conclusion: We suggest applying more robust standards using whole genomes to ensure the correct classification of ASFV and maintain phylogeny as a useful tool.


Veterinary World

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Veterinary World






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The authors are deeply grateful to the creatorof MAFFT system, Dr. Kazutaka Katoh, for his kindattention and support to our work with the MAFFTsystem. Computer experiments were conducted on16-processor 16GB GENOME SERVER, a virtual computational environment at the Institute forInformatics and Automation Problems of NationalAcademy of Sciences of Republic of Armenia.Mathematical part of this work was partially supportedby grant № 18T-1B407 of the Science Committee ofthe ESCS Ministry of Republic of Armenia.


Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of NAS RA ; Institute of Molecular Biology of NAS RA ; Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU)




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